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You can order a courier on working days 8:00-18:00 by calling +371 20272767 or email to:

When ordering the courier, you must specify the following information:

1) For legal entities - name of the enterprise, for natural persons - name and last name
2) The exact address where the package will be sent to – city, street, house number and postcode
3) Contact phone number of the sender
4) Name of the recipient company or recipients first and last name
5) The exact address of the parcels recipient - city, street, house number, door code (if any) and postcode
6) Contact phone number of the recipient
7) The desired time, when the parcel can be accepted and/or delivered
8) The volume and weight of the parcel

Only the paying person has the right to make the order!

The courier will come to you at the time specified, so please prepare the parcel beforehand. In case if the courier encounters a problem while delivering the parcel to the specified address of the recipient, we will always contact the client in order to decide on further actions.

When collecting and handing over the parcel, the courier fills in a special form specifying the name of the sender and recipient, as well as information about the time of order reception and delivery and the signature of the sender and recipient. This document acts as a confirmation of the parcels delivery.