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Courier mail services

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We know how to quickly deliver your parcel. Delivery time: starting from 1 hour in Riga and up to 24 hours throughout Latvia and the Baltic countries. Just call us and you can rest assured that your parcel is on the way!

Transfer services

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Transportation of passengers. Transfer services from/to airports and hotels of the Baltic States and Europe. Tell us the desired destination, and we will take care of the rest.

Our priorities

Accuracy. AddPack aims to ensure our clients always receive the ordered parcels on time and in the right place. We fulfil our obligations in accordance with the highest standards of expertise.

Speed. Time is money for our clients. By respecting your time, addPack performs the delivery in fixed time limits specified in advance in accordance with the needs and desires of each client.

Professional employees. Our couriers are the pride and face of our company.